Ask a Neighbourhood Liaison Officer

Our Neighbourhood Liaison Officers are here to help you access local support, services, businesses, activities and even your local community connectors, to make sure that our community stays strong by staying connected.

Got a question about the services in your neighbourhood? Drop our NLOs a line (making sure you let us know what suburb you're in so we can best direct your enquiry). Your local NLO will get back to you within three business days.

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Q: How do I find out more about what supports are available in my own suburb?

A: Reach out to us here to speak to your local Neighbourhood Officer who can connect you with local Community Connectors, keep you in the loop with any local initiatives they are aware of and provide you information on local businesses, services and support in your local suburb and area.

Q: Are there any resources available for people interested in helping their local suburb/ community keep connected?

A: Our Neighbourhood Team have a suite of resources available to help keep neighbourhoods connected and keep isolation at bay. From fun connection & kindness Bingo activities that the whole street can play along with, to “Hey Neighbour!” postcards you can reach out to your neighbours with through the letterbox – whether you are interested in taking the first step to increase or strengthen connection in your street or neighbourhood, or becoming a Community Connector yourself, reach out to our Neighbourhood Officers here who can walk you through what your connection role could look like, organise you access to resources and support you through the process.

Q: Where can I stay in the loop with updates on the Connect in Canning project including local neighbourhood level initiatives, news and stories of celebration?

A: Join us over at the What’s on in Canning Facebook Group where not only will you find updates, stories and activities from or Neighbourhood Team but you can also share activities, any local street get together opportunities or examples of kindness you have seen in your neighbourhood that are worth celebrating! The more sharing the merrier!

Q: Are resources available for schools or community groups interested in playing a connection role in the community during this time?

A: Absolutely! We welcome schools or groups to get in touch with our Neighbourhood Team as playing a community connection role with our available resources, is a great way for students and community members to give back, be of service, demonstrate leadership and play a pivotal role in keeping their communities connected, happy and healthy. It is all the small steps that count! When you reach out, let us know what school/ group you are from and which suburb is your local and we will connect you with the Neighbourhood Officer for your suburb.

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