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Wayne Roberts

Good Morning,
Just like to know if there's any update on the Montes Park project, what do you have planned for our park ? Our children can only use the park in the evenings during summer as there's no shade and all the metal and plastic play equipment are much too hot to use.

We need more trees planted to create natural shade also change plastic equipment to wood to create a more natural park that is more stimulating for children to play on, maybe on the lines of the Lo Quay playground.

There's not adequate seating only two benches in the whole park for people to sit on.
Looking forward to your update.

Kind Regard
Wayne Roberts

Louise Wayne Roberts

Thanks for your question Wayne.
We have logged your query via our Request It system so that you receive a response directly from our Parks team. Our new system means that you can track your request online or phone 1300 4 CANNING for an update. Your tracking number is: CAN0017596.QIV
For more information visit:
Take care,
Connect in Canning Team