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10 reasons to take your children to the Library!

1. It makes for a great outing

Activities at home are great– craft, cooking and playing– but if you want to leave the house, then the Library is a fantastic alternative and could become one of your usual go-to places. The Library is full of new and exciting books, areas to sit and share stories and hang out.

2. It’s fun and educational

Reading to children and exposing them to more books from a young age has been proven time and time again to be so valuable in developing their literacy skills, fostering imagination, broadening knowledge by feeding inquisitive minds and encouraging language development.

3. You meet other kids and families

Our children’s library staff present a range of programs all year round for a variety of ages, from Rhymes for new babies to after school youth activities. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and meet up with other people in the community.

4. It’s a lovely bonding activity

There’s something for everyone. Libraries offer books for all ages and interests, all under one roof – from board books for babies, to picture books for young children, and novels and information books for older children and adults.

5. Learning about respect and responsibility

The Library introduces children to the act of borrowing and returning items which aren’t theirs. A child’s first library card is an early rite of passage. It’s exciting for children to choose things to take home, produce their library card and help checkout their library items. It's also an excellent way for them to learn about looking after other people's property carefully and taking more care of their books in general too.

6. Find new favourites

Browse our collections without pressure to buy — allows kids to choose their reading material. There’s no predicting what might catch their fancy, but, whatever it is, they can “test drive” it at low risk. Libraries are great places to find out who your favourite authors are – and where you can keep discovering new ones too!

7. Anyone can visit the Library

Going to the Library is an ideal activity for anyone to do with your child, and not just yourself or your partner. It's a nice place to visit with Grandparents, nannies and babysitters, and perfect for bringing younger and older siblings too. There's something for everyone at the Library!

8. Help your children be better readers.

Early years research shows that learning to read is the single most important factor in school success and that an early exposure to books and stories substantially contributes to success in early literacy.

9. Establish good reading habits

Weekly or fortnightly trips to the Library help you and your children make a regular "date" with books, and so you all get into the habit of reading – something that your children can enjoy for the rest of their lives!

10. Joining the Library is FREE!

Our libraries offer more than just books to educate and entertain you and your children – four collection includes DVDs, Audiobooks, jigsaws and more. Our libraries also have newspapers for you to read while you are there, and computers you can use to access the Internet.

Buying books can be costly, and libraries offer a wider variety of reading material than we could ever own – and it is free!

Discover programs, services, activities and events for children, families and young people at Canning Libraries. It's never too early to get your child obsessed with books, and the Library is a great place to start! Click here to find out more