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7 Tips for a healthy headspace. Brought to you by Headspace!

Life has suddenly become quite different. We can’t do all the things we love or see all our favourite people, but we can stay on top of our mental health.

Headspace has developed some everyday tools that you can use to build and maintain a healthy headspace - see tips and information here.

If you are looking for more information about how to cope with stress related to COVID-19, another great resource developed by Headspace is their stress related fact sheet - you can download the info-page here.

Headspace Armadale will be returning to in-person services from Monday 8th June 2020.

We will have a few new safety measures in place to ensure physical distancing requirements and good hygiene practices are met in our Centre.

If you would like to refer or have any questions, please call us on 9393 0300 or email