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Canning CommuniTEA

Every month people from around the City of Canning enjoy a free cup of tea and a chat.

The next CommuniTEAs are:

Riverton Library, 10am April 1: https://www.meetup.com/Befriend-Inc-Social-Club/events/277081546/

Cannington Library, 10am April 22: https://www.meetup.com/Befriend-Inc-Social-Club/events/277005147/

The Canning CommuniTEA aims to foster social connection, and create a place for people to touch base with the community. It’s open to the entire community, and always a good time.

The first two events at Riverton were great successes, fostering great connections among the people who attended. Since then it’s expanded to include Cannington as well, where people have asked library staff for an informal social event. From people keen to get out of the house, to folks who want to get more involved and meet people in their community, people attend for a variety of reasons, and are greeted with a hot drink and a biscuit and a friendly chat.

The casual, informal environment allows people to talk about whatever interests them, from education, to food waste, to art. At the December CommuniTEA, attendees discovered they shared a love of photography, and decided to join a photography club together.

‘I enjoyed a lovely cuppa and biscuits with some friendly folk as we chatted about all sorts,’ attendee Clare said. ‘Nice to get out and about, ease social anxieties. I look forward to the next Meet Up.’ - Clare.

The event in January attracted Community Connectors from the Connect in Canning initiative and provided a launch pad for collaboration. Cannington attendees have included people practicing their English language skills, to folks keen to share their interests and meet other locals. Enquiries from the community about a place to just ‘have a chat’ suggest there’s plenty of appetite for CommuniTEA in the City of Canning. Over the first few events across both locations, 20 people have attended to meet new people and feel more engaged with their community.

Social connection can sometimes be a tricky thing to foster, especially when there are COVID-19 restrictions in place. But by simply extending an invitation to join the Canning CommuniTEA is another way for people to feel a sense of friendship and belonging in the City.