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Co3 Australia’s The Bird Makers Project

Co3 Australia’s The Bird Makers Project is an online global initiative devised by Raewyn Hill and Naoko Yoshimoto. It will provide a unique opportunity to connect in a way that provides a purposeful, creative and reflective experience during a time in our world that is uncertain and unstable. Suitable for beginner and advanced sewers, you will be guided through online resources to create a single black bird made from your own donated piece of clothing. These black birds will represent your time in isolation as we stand side by side in an unimagined situation, making history together.

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What equipment is required


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Bird Maker Privileges

All bird makers are eligible for the below, plus we can hold fun zoom making sessions for groups of 5 or more.

Exclusive Event Invitation

An exclusive invitation to a special community event to be held in 2021, for all bird makers from Western Australia to come together and celebrate the set installation you had a part in creating.

Discounted Tickets

Discounted tickets to the season of 'Archives of Humanity' for you to purchase.

Acknowledgment of Participation

You will be publicly acknowledged as one of our bird makers on our company website, as a valued community member to The Bird Makers Project and in support of the set creation for 'Archives of Humanity'.

It would be so special to have you on board. And happy to discuss different options to suit your needs.

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