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Connect with Befriend

Befriend exists to spark an inclusive, connected society. Which is why we’ve partnered with the City of Canning on the Connect in Canning initiative.

Our mission is to make it easy for people to get connected, while influencing attitudes and values to be more inclusive of others.

We support people to extend simple invitations to connect in any way that makes sense to them. We know this can be hard while in lockdown, so we’re all about finding creative solutions.

We support people to host regular meetups all around the city, and many of those social get-togethers will continue online through this lockdown. Befriend events are welcoming, friendly and inclusive of everyone. You can see the events that are online this week by visiting Befriend’s Meetup page here or clicking through from Befriend.org.au.

With our team of Community Builders, we also offer support and ideas for people taking the first step towards meeting new people around them. A great start during lockdown can be a note in your neighbours letterbox just letting them know you’re there if they need anything. Communities often have social media groups that you could post in to reach out, offer essential supplies or just a friendly ear to listen if folks are having a tough time.

Social connection is fun, but it’s also more than that: social connection has been shown to be as good for your physical health as exercise or quitting smoking. Building strong social ties, and groups that help each other in times of need, helps communities stay strong and resilient through challenges and gives people a sense of belonging.
Canning’s Community Builder from Befriend is Rachel Watts. She’d love to hear from you if you have ideas for connecting with your neighbours during lockdown, or beyond. Reach her by emailing rachel@befriend.org.au.