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COVID-19 Helping Hands Street Network

“Imagine how powerful our community response would be if every street had a group that looked out for each other”.

Meet Marilyn – Marilyn is a Willetton local who, inspired by a neighbourly kindness postcard initiative she saw in the UK, reached out to her entire street and started the “COVID19 Helping Hands Street Network.”

Hoping the members in her street would be open to similar acts of support and kindness like offering to support people with shopping while in isolation or cooking each other meals; Marilyn wrote a letter to all of the homes on her street, inviting them to join a WhatsApp group.

“Almost everyone in our street signed up and were really enthusiastic about being able to help!” she said.

In the first week, people shared face masks and disposable gloves – things in short supply at the time. They also offered help with pantry supplies and shopping.

“The generosity and kindness in our group has been amazing!”

Marilyn and her Helping Hands group wanted to share their idea with as many people as they could, in the hope more neighbourhoods would start street networks. Marilyn has created a Facebook Page where she has shared the letter she originally sent to her neighbours, along with information and resources for any streets needing support to get their own group started.

You can check out the Facebook page here.