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Library and Information Week 2021

Celebrating Library and Information Week 2021 with our wonderful Team Leader, library advocate, cosplayer, gamer and friend: Osman Masnor.

Osman went through school without learning to read, until he came across the local librarian. Now he helps others through the Canning Libraries to make use of the library as a place of fun, learning, and connecting with community.

Visit your Canning Libraries!

Libraries and information services are places of adventure. People who connect with them take a journey, whether it's in search of specific information, serendipitous browsing through vast collections, or coming together with others to learn something new.

They can be an adventures in space, from sending actual books to a space station and hearing an astronaut read to over a million children in Australia, to exploring and meeting in new, innovative and inspiring building spaces and learning about other places around the world (and beyond). They alre also online spaces , where we can interact virtually to stay connected to information and each other at times when we need to stay physically distant.

They can also be adventures in time, where we revisit the past, connecting with stories and memories of those who came before us, or imagine the future, exploring new ideas for making a better society to live in, creating new knowledge for future generations, and making plans for your own personal or professional future.

So, this week, connect with your libraries, and take an adventure - in space and time!

On one day of the year, libraries all over Australia read one book together with over a million children combined. This year, that book is Give me some Space! which we have sent on a rocket to space, and will be read in a special event from the International Space Station.

How do you connect with your Canning Libraries?
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Library and Information Week 17 - 23 May #LIW2021