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LibraryCraft: Minecraft Server for kids aged 7-17

Do your kids love Minecraft?

Kids 7-17 are welcome to join LibraryCraft, a FREE and safe Minecraft server supported by libraries across Western Australia.

LibraryCraft is a Minecraft server running Paper 1.16.1 for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players. There are multiple worlds connected by portals, to allow for various styles of gameplay.

If you play on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to connect. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to connect on PlayStations due to our whitelist process. This is also the case for Minecraft Education Edition.

There are survival worlds, creative worlds, three PVP combat worlds, two BedWars arenas and a central lobby world that connects them all, plus more.

LibraryCraft also offers monthly creative build competitions.

Visit for all the details