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Meet Faith Community Church – Community Connectors

Connection and care through crisis – Hopelines and 'party on us' packs.

We are fortunate to have many amazing community groups and organisations in Canning and it has been so special to see how they have risen to the challenge of providing connection and care through crisis.

Highlighting one of these organisations, meet Faith Community Church, based in the Beeloo Ward. A Grocery Delivery Service and a Hopeline 'listening ear' service are just some of the ways FCC has been supporting community during this time.

With Mother's Day recently celebrated in May, FCC partnered with Zonta House Refuge Association to pack and deliver 'pamper hampers' to a handful of mothers saying; “It was pure joy to be able to bring cheer to mothers who are experiencing stress and trauma in such unprecedented times.”

They also wanted to make sure Mothers were able to celebrate with their household despite the COVID restrictions – assembling and providing special deliveries of 'Have a party on us' packs to homes in the Willetton region.

“The bags full of party fun items and things to pamper the mothers brought smiles to our neighbours,” they said.

If you live in the Willetton and surrounding areas and would like any assistance, contact us by emailing connect@canning.wa.gov.au, calling 1300 422 664 or contact Faith Community Church at info@faith.org.au or (08) 9453 1393.