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Social Connection Volunteering

Meet Marg from Canning Lodge - Marg has been connecting with volunteer Erin since Social Connection Volunteering was introduced at Canning Lodge.

Marg and Erin share a South African heritage and have been connecting via email to get to know each other. They also share a deep love of learning, with Erin currently studying physiotherapy and Marg being a former teacher. Erin's partner is also a school teacher, so teaching has become a hot topic of conversation.

Like so many of us at this time, Marg and Erin have been sharing traditional family recipes. A South African dish called 'slup pup' made from buttermilk and sugar is well known to both ladies.

The connections we make in times of crisis are often the most rewarding. We find new friends and learn from them - and we find new ways to support each other through adversity.

We've loved hearing about Marg and Erin's new found friendship - and we'd love to hear about new connections you've made in these extraordinary times. Please feel free to share them with us!

If you are interested in becoming a Social Connection Volunteer visit the City's website for more details here or email your interest to volunteer.enquiries @canning.wa.gov.au