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United in Safety

United in Diversity(UID), group members from City of Canning, City of Belmont, City of Gosnells and participants of the curtain sewing course in Cannington have come together to produce reusable face masks for the those in need. To date 300 masks have been produced and 220 have been distributed.

Volunteers, who were part of the Curtains Sewing Project, initiated by the City of Canning, Curtin University and UID, have taken to their sewing machines using donated materials to get the masks distributed very quickly to the elderly, the homeless and more. Shuren(pictured) originally from Mongolia says “I like to help others, especially the vulnerable.” She produced 130 masks. This was complimented by 20 masks made by Amanpreet(pictured), who recently completed her certificate 3 in English.

Some of these masks are being distributed by City of Canning security rangers. Despite challenges, including 4 volunteers being evacuated due to fires, UID and its team are continuing their efforts to reach out to the community. We thank all the volunteers involved, including Hoda, Saadat and Sengul, Mamta and Canning security team.

If you would like to know more about UID or would like to get in touch contact:president@uidwa.com