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Welcome to the Your Neighbourhood page! This is a space for our community to connect with City of Canning staff, and with each other! It's a place for you to ask questions, submit ideas, share your events and stories, and connect with your local Community Connectors… or even sign-up to become one! This space is yours for the sharing, so dive right in and drop us a line!

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Are you a young person in Canning with a curious mind? Or a parent with burning questions? Drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!


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Want to know how to connect with the services and support in your neighbourhood? Our Canning Community Builder are in the know!


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Are you a Community Connector?

Inspire meaningful connections in your communities

City of Canning residents are doing amazing things to keep their neighbourhoods connected by supporting their streets, suburbs and each other.

These inspiring people championing neighbourhood spirit in Canning have volunteered to become Community Connectors for their local suburbs and areas.

From addressing isolation by connecting people in their streets, to working shoulder to shoulder with our Canning Community Builder and hitting the ground running with initiatives with impact – no day is ever the same yet the rewards are infinite.

As a Community Connector, you will be paired with a Canning Community Builder who will provide you access to resources, information and practical support along the way.

Do you feel inspired to become a Community Connector? Are you already running support networks and initiatives? Are you a community member needing some support to turn your great ideas into positive action? Or do you simply want to help out your neighbours or local community?

Leave your details in the form below and your Canning Community Builder will be in touch to start the conversation and sign you up as a Community Connector.

For more information or to reach out to our Community Connectors directly, please call the City on 1300 422 664 or email

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