Canning Community Builder

Our Neighbourhood Engagement team is working behind the scenes to keep you connected with what’s happening in your local neighbourhoods and to provide you with information, connection and support when you need assistance. They are also teaming up with the amazing community members who registered to become Community Connectors, to help link the “doers” with the people who need some extra support in their street or community.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Watts is a Community Builder with Befriend, a Perth not-for-profit that has a vision of creating an inclusive, connected world. Befriend has partnered with the City of Canning to help support the Community Connectors. Rachel's background is in community newspapers, where she learnt that every community has its own stories about the relationships that make it feel like home. She has a passion for the environment, and is learning to identify local birds.

If you reside in Canning and are keen to reach out for support or information or know of some fantastic initiatives going on in your local area that we should promote – reach out to Rachel by contacting 1300 422 664 or email