Meet Neville - Community Connector

Harmony beyond fences

Continuing our series dedicated to the amazing community champions who have joined us as Community Connectors – meet Neville!

Neville has been a local East Cannington resident for over nine years and has a deep passion for making sure local residents are connected to each other and have the information they need.

Neville set up and started running a Harmony Beyond Fences Facebook group for the East Cannington residents, however the group is also open to anyone living within the City of Canning. He is very happy to be contacted by local residents who need some advice, assistance or may be feeling lonely and want to connect with others.

If you live in East Cannington or surrounding area and would like to reach out for some connection and a chat – you can get in touch with Neville by emailing or calling 1300 422 664 or check out the Harmony Beyond Fences Facebook Group.